Taking Chinese Beauty Next Level

People are literally falling in love with Facial Gua Sha left and right  - men and women, young and older alike. And with very good reason, Facial Gua Sha is an easy and effective way to support your skin health at home, and a prized tool of Chinese medicine and beauty. It's a relaxing and beautiful personal ritual that many report feels like meditation. Health, wellness, meditation, skin health, beauty all available to you in one low-tech, high-touch package. Who could resist?

And now we have a reason for you to love it even more. First some background, one small drawback of Facial Gua Sha is that it requires a bit of instruction and guidance to do effectively and safely. Unlike it's delightful cousin, the Jade Roller which is easy as pie (simply roll around your face and neck), Facial Gua Sha is more nuanced and can do far more. It's like a 10 speed bicycle to the jade roller's one or two gears. 

While I am 100% behind the simplicity of the roller, it's also not that hard to learn a few basics of using a Gua Sha tool effectively. You just need a helpful guide. Which is what we hope to be for you through our in-person classes on Facial Gua Sha and other Chinese medicine based skincare classes, as well as online tutorials for those outside NYC. 

Another Gua Sha drawback for laypersons is the sheer variety of tools. If you've browsed Amazon - or if you've ever seen a Chinese Gua Sha catalogue your brain circuits could overload from all the choices of shapes, materials, sizes. I've used probably every shape in existence. If you could see my gua sha graveyard it's literally a bucket. I've since collected a small handful of tools that I find serve my goals best for circulation boosting the skin, shaping and countouring, restoring and correcting tissue tension patterns. 

As a body and face worker, understanding all these tools and shapes is easy. But for all of our students who come to learn Facial Gua Sha, knowing how to effectively use Gua Sha in a sea of so many foreign and mysterious tools is not easy. 

At Lanshin, we're all about solving problems. I began to think about a tool that would put the most effective and impactful shapes and edges all together in one special, luxurious piece that would as Edward says in Pretty Woman "corner like it's on rails." 

And so came The Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool: A gorgeous, hand-crafted creation of high quality Nephrite jade designed in the imprint of woman: strong and sturdy, curvaceous and brilliant, highly effective and sensual, earthy and celestial. 

The Lanshin Pro introduces some refinements to the standard Gua Sha tool. She has a tighter scultping V edge for holding the tissues better around the jaw, brow and stiffy rope-like muscles in the neck. She's curvaceous - to best fit your own feminine curves of face and body. I wanted her to be luxurious and feel like heaven as she glides across your skin, so she's hand-crafted in Nephrite jade - a stone valued in Chinese culture for its healing energies. And, she comes equipped with special edges - one that offers bolder and more precision scultping. And another that targets smoothing texture and fine lines. 

We are so happy with how this this porsche - or should we say Tesla - of Gua Sha tools turned out. Though designed for results, The Lanshin Pro  is one sexy piece of jade that will turn your skin on, literally. Use her to bring out the best in your skin and health. Let her strength and beauty be a constant mirror of those very qualities within you. 

The Lanshin Pro will launch this coming October with special video instruction and support. Let us know if you'd like to be on the waitlist and receive updates on when she goes live.

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