Learn Facial Gua Sha Basics with Us

With Facial Gua Sha so in demand, we thought you should learn about this Chinese medical technique from the actual professionals who trained in its use and practice it on clients.

2016: The Year that Hijacked Liver Qi

We reflect on how an unpredictable and tumultuous year affected us from a Chinese medical perspective. If you're liver qi has been hijacked by 2016, here's how to get it back.

Summer’s Sweet Medicine

Chinese medicine teaches us that watermelon is by far one of the best and easiest ways to hydrate and cool off an overheated summer bod

Dry Winter Skin Rescue

Dry winter skin begs for effective and lasting moisture, which is not found in just a cream or serum, but in three important skin nourishing steps...

Winter Survival Kit Part 1: Vitamin-D Time

The absence of sun and daylight in Winter creates a major dropout of resources for physical health and energy. In this series we'll share the tools we're using to stay strong, functional and sane until Spring. First stop: Vitamin D.