FonLin Nyeu, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist

The successful practice of Chinese medicine requires that one have the strategic mind of a scientist, as well as the sensitivity and intuition of an artist. FonLin perfectly embodies this satisfying synergy of logic and artfulness.

With an early desire to serve as a healer, her reasoning intellect aptly led her to pursue pre-medicine in college where her studies focused on biology and women’s health, as well as putting in time at hospitals and research labs. But as her heart would have it, western medicine would not be her ultimate calling.

In what may seem a wild detour, FonLin then turned to the world of art and music. She formed a band that was hot on the Brooklyn scene, which then evolved into world tours. Though difficult to connect the dots at that time, it was this experience that bestowed her with great gifts that have made her the sensitive, intuitive healer she is today.

Making music in a band required that she set her ego aside for the sake of creating harmony with her bandmates. As FonLin will tell you, to make good music, you have to be able to truly listen and tune into others. You have to be present and aware of only what is happening in the moment. These are the very same qualities that makes a true healer, and FonLin brings these long-cultivated abilities into her treatment room where she applies them to help her patients transform old, pain-ridden patterns of illness into fresh new harmonics that breathe greater life force and health into their being.

FonLin is excited to join the Lanshin team to offer her expertise in using acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat fertility and women’s health issues, post-partum recovery and skin rejuvenation and beauty. She has also helped develop a new post-partum restoration program for new moms that will be offered at Lanshin in Spring 2018. For this she thanks all of the grandmas who helped teach her their enriching practices of herbal broths, belly binding and all-around mommy support tactics from the cultural traditions of her Chinese heritage.

As Chinese medicine makes its waves onto the beauty scene with its holistic techniques for supporting skin health and “well-aging” - FonLin is inspired to join the cause, and is ready for action with her facial needles, cups and gua sha stones.


  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, MSTOM, Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine

  • School of Visual Arts, 2003, Bachelor of Art, Graphic Design

  • Cornell University, 1996, Bachelor of Science, Biology and Women’s Studies

  • Yoga Teacher Training, 2010 - Greenhouse Holistic\

  • Doula Training, 2012 - Debra Pascali-Bonaro

  • AromaAcupoint training, 2014 - Tiffany Pollar

  • Facial Gua Sha, 2017 - Ping Zhang, L.Ac.