Ruth Anselm, LMT

Massage Therapist

There are few people in the world whose heart and spirit is genuinely lifted by the opportunity to nurture others through touch. Ruth is one of those people. Putting that love together with her fascination of the physical dynamics of the body in motion makes her a truly talented massage therapist who can deliver that soothing touch in exactly the right places and ways to create ease. 

Her insight into the workings of the body began years ago as a professional dancer and gymnast. Later, she began to share her knowledge and awareness of the body as a teacher of yoga. Today, she takes all of this experience to the next level by helping her clients find relief and strength in their bodies with her massage work, as well as provide education about how they can continue to heal and improve on their own. 

Ruth hopes that through her work she can bring back the full range of her clients' possibilities for movement, growth and resilience within their body and beyond.