Acupuncturist, Aromatherapist

Samantha brings a special presence to her work that has her clients feeling expertly guided through a compassionate path of healing and growth. With classical needling principles, and her skillful use of cups and mugwort she brings relief and balance back to the body. But where her medicine ultimately takes you is on a game-changing journey of life transformation. 

For Samantha, back pain or menstrual disorders aren't so much problems to fix as they are opportunities to regain one's relationship to oneself and one's body. Integrating the emotions and physiology to become a more harmonious and healthy system is the possibility her work offers. 

Her roots in health and wellness began as a girl. Daughter to progressive hippy parents who raised her on yoga and macrobiotic foods, she grew up thinking carob was chocolate. The first stop on her career path brought her to art and photography where she honed the ability to create out of the present moment. As an acupuncturist, she now draws on this artful manner of creating healing not from memorized scripts or protocols, but from a space in the here and now that allows for inspiration and divine guidance to enter. 

Samantha's work is enhanced by her knowledge and training in yoga, aromatherapy, and healing with stones. As with all effective healers, her own self cultivation is an important aspect of her life that keeps her growing and expanding.  Her clients benefit from this as she often draws from her own practices to empower them to cultivate their own rituals of health. 

While she is a generalist in her practice, Samantha has special expertise in working with skin rejuvenation, women's health issues, emotional disorders and autoimmune dysfunction. Though in truth, her best work is with anyone who is ready to make a change in his or her life.