How to Use Your Professionally Designed Lanshin Pro Facial Gua Sha Tool

This is a step-by-step instructional video for THE LANSHIN PRO GUA SHA TOOL – Treatment by Lanshin’s exclusive, expert-designed Gua Sha tool developed from professional expertise in using Gua Sha to elevate skin health.

At Treatment by Lanshin we are experts in using Chinese medicine to heal and transform skin health using tools like Gua Sha, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Cupping and more. Gua Sha is a Chinese medical technique that is used on the body to support health by enhancing circulation. Facial Gua Sha is an adaptation of this technique that is gentler and softer for working on the face and neck.

THE LANSHIN PRO GUA SHA TOOL is the result of our desire to create a tool with the most effective, impactful shapes and edges all together in one special, luxurious tool. THE LANSHIN PRO was designed for even more sculpting and uplifting benefits with a special edge for deep wrinkle release.

We created this video for users to more easily follow and understand the features of this beautiful new tool, and know how to use it in your daily skincare ritual. We hope you love using your new LANSHIN PRO as much as we do!

Video Credits:

Directed by Debora Francis
DP, Michael Della Polla
Editor, Katie Hickman