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Erica Randlett, EST

Holistic Aesthetician

Proud and ever radiant as a woman over the age of 50, Erica comes to Lanshin as living proof that beauty can thrive and grow more abundantly than ever as we mature.  

A specialist in skin rejuvenation, Erica is vehemently anti “anti-aging.” Rather than coerce our skin and bodies to submit to the cultural ideals of youth and beauty, Erica works to support healthy function and vitality within our whole beings - including our skin. 

Holistic skincare has long been a passion for Erica that she now insists on in her work. Having worked with natural ingredients for many years, she understands the constant research, trial and error and close observation of results it takes to get organic, clean beauty to perform. 

Erica is also known for bringing a deeply nurturing care to her work that leaves clients feeling soothed and appreciated. 

Ever the passionate student, Erica is literally always learning something new she can bring to her practice. She is certified in several natural methods and techniques for skin health and rejuvenation, including: Facial Gua Sha, Thai Herbal Poultice, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, and Vortex Healing®. She is grateful to have studied skin care with Dr. Ping Zhang, Anne Bramham, Cecily Braden and Sandra Chiu.  

Outside of her skincare work, Erica can be found caring for and enjoying the company of her two teenage boys. She also loves to embroider, ideally by the fire….with a cup of tea.