Release tension and reset your tissues to restore vitality to your system


Lanshin Acupuncture

LANSHIN ACUPUNCTURE is a customized, high-quality therapeutic experience. Through the use of small and thin needles, our thorough and intuitive style of acupuncture quickly and powerfully reboots your system.

Tense, rigid and blocked tissues become supple and fluid, allowing for the proper flow of circulation and energy necessary for vibrant health. Your body becomes more alive as your entire system of organs, tissues and cells is infused with freshly invigorated circulation force. 

Acupuncture is good for just about any non-emergency condition that ails you. We commonly treat pain and tension conditions, women's health and fertility concerns, digestion and elimination disturbances, sleep disorders, energy deficiency and dysfunction, anxiety/depression and mood disorders, sinus and respiratory issues, post-surgical healing and scar treatment. 

EMAIL US if you have questions about whether acupuncture can help your condition. 


  • Initial visit is 75 min $205

  • Follow-up visits are 60min $155