Facial Gua Sha & Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has so much to offer those in search of all-natural and holistic anti-aging methods. Unlike botox, fillers, and surgery our TCM anti-aging treatments work by increasing the health and function of your body and your skin to bring forward its natural radiance. 


ACUPUNCTURE MEETS FACIAL GUA SHA to boost radiant health and skin

Restoring youthful vitality to your face and skin is an inside job that starts with a healthy body - the true source of youthful radiance. That is why our FACIAL GUA SHA REJUVENATION treatment begins with body acupuncture to activate overall circulation and boost the healthy function of your organ systems, tissues and cells.  

Once we open your channels, our jade Gua Sha tool goes to work lifting, sculpting and smoothing your neck, jaw, nasal labial lines, under-eye, brow, forehead and scalp. The result is a reduction in the appearance of congestion and pimples, wrinkles, sagging and dullness, under-eye darkness and puffiness. For most, a more clearly defined jawline, smoothing and lifting of sagging neck muscles, lifting of the brow and eye and an overall brighter skin complexion can be noticed after one session. Although, a series of 8-10 weekly sessions is recommended for more lasting and dramatic results.

Unlike most modern anti-aging methods like botox, fillers and other high tech gadgetry, our FACIAL GUA SHA REJUVENATION actually elevates the health and function of your skin and tissues. Many of our clients report a reduction in jaw tension, headaches and sinus congestion from this treatment along with improved skin and facial appearance. #WinWin

Please note this is not a traditional esthetics facial and does not include extractions, masking, steaming, etc. Any facial areas treated with Botox or fillers in the last 3 months cannot be treated with Facial Gua Sha. 

*Treatment with Owner

Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation


Acupuncture is an extremely effective method for restoring health and fucntion to the skin and tissues of your face. Needles release the tension and rigidity in facial tissues that regularly suffer the forces of stress, anxiety and worry. Accumulation of tension in facial, jaw, scalp and neck muscles are the actual factors that lead to sagging, wrinkling, dullness and collagen insufficiency that many wrongly attribute to the inevitability of aging. Our FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE REJUVENATION treatment releases and softens this tissue stress to reveal balance and beauty underneath. 

Using a customized combination of needles along with facial gua sha, we release the structures of tension and relax strained tissues to create a smoother, uplifted and sculpted appearance of your skin and facial features. The boost of oxygen, nutrients and blood circulation leave you literally glowing with health, which we all know is the real secret to beauty. 

A series of 8-10 regularly treatments is recommended for best results. Please note this is not a traditional esthetics facial and does not include masking, steaming, extractions, etc.

* Treatment with Owner