Chinese Healing Facials

Our facial treatments use Chinese medical strategies and tools to heal and restore skin function from the inside out, and outside in. 

Lanshin Clear Skin Facial


This facial treatment uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tools and strategies to help clear and heal acne, congested and chronically inflamed skin. Our goal is to strongly invigorate circulation and movement in your skin and underlying tissue in order to clear stagnant toxin load, as well as regenerate your skin's healthy function and encourage healing.

We use a variety of TCM based tools that we prescribe custom to your individual skin type and condition. To invigorate movement in your skin we draw on Facial Gua Sha, heat therapies like Herbal Poultice, and specialized facial massage. To clear toxin load and congestion we use a proprietary extraction technique that draws on facial cupping to gently remove excess blood and fluid stagnation from the surface and deeper layers. And to reset the skin surface and barrier, we use the most effective of clean and natural exfoliants, masks, and herbal skin preparations. 

Our 90min version of Clear Skin treatment is designed for those with more severe, chronic acne. Our 75min option is designed for more moderate cases that require less focus on extraction work. 

This treatment is intended for those with acne prone, congested, oily skin or rosacea. We do not recommend topical treatment if you have active perioral dermatitis, general dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis affecting your face. For these conditions we suggest starting with internal treatment using our TCM Dermatology program. After your skin stabilizes you will get more out of topical facial work. 

75m $200 - 90m $250
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This facial is our healthful answer to well-aging, a term we far prefer over anti-aging. Our Energy Facial supports your skin health and face with Chinese medicine based techniques like Facial Gua Sha, Facial Cupping, or Herbal Poultice massage to activate movement and energy within your skin and deeper tissues. These techniques awaken and strengthen your circulation to create immediate lifting, brightening, and hydrated plumpness. Your practitioner will prescribe the right technique or combination of to best suit your skin and system.

Topically, we work with our expert-curated natural and organic skincare to safely and effectively reset your skin surface. Exfoliation, herb and nutrient infusion, and light therapy are integrated with the deeper work of tissue circulation. This process brings deep restoration to your entire system as you sink into the relaxing rhythm of our hands nurturing you. Deep rest, movement and nourishment are the result, as well as the foundation to aging youthfully. 

The 90min option of this facial includes LED light therapy and more tissue circulation work, and is best for first time clients or if you have not had facial work in a while. The 75min option is good for regular facial work at weekly to biweekly intervals, which we recommend if you have a specific skin and facial goal in mind. 

* Please note if you have facial areas treated with Botox or fillers in the last 3 months, we will avoid those areas with Facial Gua Sha and other massage heavy techniques. **Please also note that this facial does not include extractions. 

75m $200 / 90m $250
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