Massage has been an important therapy throughout the ages. With good reason, using the power of touch and pressure to ease tension and blockage in your tissues enlivens the flow of health throughout your entire system. It's more than relaxing - it's corrective to pain, injury and even anxiety. 

Treatment Massage 60min


Our TREATMENT MASSAGE is aimed at reducing pain, tension and stiffness anywhere in your body. Using a variety of massage techniques - myofascial release, trigger point, gua sha - our therapists will evaluate and determine what is needed to bring your body into ease. Knotting and blockage from the superficial to deeper layers will be softened and adhesions between layers will be separated - bringing back your tissue's integrity and function. Nothing feels quite as good or right as a body that's deeply at ease. 

+Gratuity-free. Our holistic treatments including massage do not require the addition of gratuity. 

starting at $150 / 60min
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